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        Technology Transfer

        Email information requests to UMass Amherst Office of Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property cvip@research.umass.edu

        Nanotechnologies Available for License

        UMA 10-42 Responsive Polymer Nanogels
        UMA 10-12 & UMA 10-13 Nanoparticle-Induced Polymer Assembly
        UMA 08-47 & UMA 09-47 New Methods to Generate 10-Terabit-per-Square-Inch Arrays of Nanoscopic Elements with Long-Range Lateral Order
        UMA 08-45 Preparation of Dendritic Metal Oxide Structures
        UMA 08-26 Patterned "Clickable" Surfaces
        UMA 08-11 Novel Cleavable Block Copolymers and Functionalized Nanoporous Materials
        UMA 08-10 High-Resolution Sensor Devices Comprising Nanoscale Materials Having Piezoelectric and/or Pyroelectric Properties
        UMA 07-43 & UMA 08-03 Novel Sensors for Detection of Pathogens and Proteins
        UMA 07-39 Rapid 3D Patterning of Nanoparticle Materials Using Direct Incident Beam Lithography
        UMA 07-27 A Simple Route for Preparation of Nanoporous Templates
        UMA 07-26 Preparation of Mesoporous Materials with Highly Condensed Network Structures
        UMA 07-21 Process for Forming Patterned Metal Layers Using a Polymer as a Lift-Off Layer
        UMA 07-12 BUMP: Buckled Microlens Patterns for Optics and Adhesion
        UMA 06-31 Anti-fouling Graft Copolymer Coatings on Commercial Membranes
        UMA 06-06 Snapping Surfaces for Sensors and Adhesion Control
        UMA 05-10 & UMA 07-35 Nanopatterned Surfaces for Highly Selective Adhesion, Sensing and Separation
        UMA 05-09 Geobacter sulfurreducens Conductive Pili as Biological Nanowires and Uses Thereof
        UMA 05-01 Amphiphilic Monomers and Polymers Derived Therefrom
        UMA 04-24 Direct Surface Attachment Methods for the Preparation of Light Emitting Quantum Dot Nanoparticle - Poly(phenylene vinylene) Composite Materials
        UMA 04-21 Methods of Adhesion Promotion for Metal Films Deposited on Substrates
        UMA 04-14 Porous Hydroxyapatite Networks for Synthetic Bone Material by Spinodal Decomposition
        UMA 03-25 Novel Polymer Capsules Prepared by Interfacial Crosslinking of Amphiphilic Graft Copolymers
        UMA 03-11 Crystalline Membranes
        UMA 02-31 Novel Ligands and Functionalized Nanoparticle Compositions Compatible in Either Organic or Aqueous Solutions
        UMA 02-26 A Method of the Synthesis of a Novel Layered Silicate with Three-Dimensionally Microporous Layers
        UMA 02-12 A Rapid Interfacial Route to Produce Water Dispersible Nanoparticles
        UMA 01-26 Nanofabrication
        UMA 01-14 Classification, Separation, and Capture of Ultra-Fine Particles by Impact Separation
        UMA 00-12 Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Arrays
        UMA 00-05 Formation of Submicron Patterns on Films
        Partner nanotechnologies
        U.S. Patent 7,429,735 High Performance CCD-based Thermoreflectance Imaging Using Stochastic Resonance (Mount Holyoke College)